Anonymous said: WOW! Your art is great! I love just every part of it. The colours, the drawings and THE LINE ART! How do you line art so perfectly?

cries sorry for not logging on in forever /dies 

my lineart really… actually… looks pretty crappy hah ahahha… I find that drawing large and resizing helps neaten it up a lot? using a variable flow/low opacity brush also keeps the lines from being too sharp and lets the lines blend better with the colour at the same time!!

I’m sorry if i’m incoherent hahahahahah a orz;;

Anonymous said: Nhnngh! Your Rose is the most perfect Rose. ;_; I... I need more of your Rose. @_@

I’m glad you like!! G-gosh, uh, I’ll try to draw more, sorry!

Anonymous said: Oh wow I would just like to say that your art is absolutely amazing and i love the way you colour things it's just so BEAUTIFUL oh wowwww it looks like watercolours and it's so so perfect QwQ

aah thank you!!!! /face in hands

Anonymous said: I am unworthy to gaze upon the masterpieces that are called your art. But I'm still gonna so thar. <3

??????? WHAT… ANON NO…!!!! they’re unworthy to be called masterpieces orz;;;; 

what if the signless was actually just wearing pants all along

hiking up pants to a whole new level

Appreciating rose’s face because hot diggity dog. 

also w/o lipstick

ugh wow I think I’m in love

I haven’t caught up but he’s cute and I’m shallow